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Investments in trading
of oil futures on
the Forex market

Up to 12% per month!
Weekly accruals
of interest

About us

Our company’s main business is trading oil futures on the Forex market. Doha Global Private Investment is a relatively young company. It was established in 2014. The main office is located the UK, with branch in Qatar.

Our business

Our company concludes futures contracts with oil producing and oil refining enterprises all over the world. Each futures contract has its own specific features. It represents a document providing the essential terms of the agreement.

Oil producing companies cannot be certain what the price of a barrel of oil will be in a year, $50, $60 or $120, so they cannot always produce the corresponding volume of oil. Those who produce, transport and store oil are not always market analysts and may not have access to detailed forecasts on what the oil price may be. To get the price that would totally satisfy the company, they simply conclude a contract providing an obligation to sell the asset in the future at a fixed price for a certain period of time (futures) so they could minimize the risks. Doha Global Private Investment concludes futures contracts with such companies.

Then we find customers for those futures. They are companies which need oil and oil products. Futures are a liquid instrument and they are sold quite easily and quickly.

We are enhancing our capacities and offer all private investors to trust their investments to reliable hands – to the Doha Global Private Investment Company.

Our goal and mission

The main goal of the company is the growth of the volume of deals and the maximum possible profit for our investors.

The main mission of the company is to provide all our clients with reliable protection and ensure augmentation of their investments.

Private investors’ money is used for:
- increase of the number of the market players;
- development of the market technologies aimed at optimizing the transaction settlement conditions;
- enhancement of the oil product assortment.

Investments to trading oil futures represent a zero-risk opportunity which gives you a great chance to make money, even during a crisis. We attract investors who will be able to gain guaranteed profit on a regular basis. We are interested in long-term interaction and are ready to offer you some interesting and mutually beneficial collaboration.

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