• EUR = 99,9999 RUB
  • USD = 99,9999 RUB
  • BTC = 999,99 USD
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Investments in trading
of oil futures on
the Forex market

Up to 12% per month!
Weekly accruals
of interest

For investors

Our company provides a unique investment opportunity. We are interested in long-term interaction and are ready to offer you some interesting and mutually beneficial collaboration. You will have a chance to become part of a company trading oil futures on the Forex market. Our investors get guaranteed profit on a regular basis. Our investment offer is truly unique. You are going to get up to 12% monthly profit. We give you an investment offer based on the floating rate depending on the number of the deals closed by the company. On the average, your weekly profit may reach 3%.The minimum period of the deposit is 30 days.

The algorithm of getting profit is as follows

  • The investor transfers his or her funds to the Project by opening a deposit

  • The Project participates in the trades on the Forex market

  • The Project gains profit

  • The profit is distributed between the investor and the Project

Investments to trading oil futures represent a zero-risk opportunity which gives you a great chance to make money.