• EUR = 99,9999 RUB
  • USD = 99,9999 RUB
  • BTC = 999,99 USD
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Investments in trading
of oil futures on
the Forex market

Up to 12% per month!
Weekly accruals
of interest


Investors often miss great opportunities as they do not have enough time to analyze the information flow and select the right management strategy for their private investments. Investments to trading oil futures represent a zero-risk opportunity which gives you a great chance to make money, even during a crisis.

Doha Global Private Investment offers you collaboration that will give you the opportunity to make your original capital grow.

The Company offers a single-level partner program. You can get daily rewards amounting to 20% of the interest (profit) gained by the partners you invite.

Referral bonuses from the net profit

Advantages of your partnership with our company

  • 1. Profit is distributed between the investor and the Project.
  • 2. Opportunity to get up to 12% of the deposit on a monthly basis.
  • 3. Prompt technical support, consultations and assistance on any issues.
  • 4. Building your personal partner structure.
  • 5. Stability. Make daily profit out of the profit made by your partners.

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