• EUR = 99,9999 RUB
  • USD = 99,9999 RUB
  • BTC = 999,99 USD
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Investments in trading
of oil futures on
the Forex market

Up to 12% per month!
Weekly accruals
of interest



  • This User agreement includes the following provisions:
  • 1. The Client fully accepts all the provisions of this User Agreement, with no exceptions. If the Client disagrees to any of the provisions of this Agreement, the Client has the right not to use the Service.
    This User Agreement can be modified at any time. The Administration reserves the right to add or remove any of the clauses of this Agreement without notifying the Client. Any new edition of this Agreement shall take effect as soon as it is published on the Website.
  • 2. If the Client disagrees to the changes made to this User Agreement (according to Clause 2), the Client shall cease using the Service.


  • 1. The Client has to complete the registration procedure resulting in creation of a unique client account. By registering, the Client affirms that he or she agrees to all the provisions of this User Agreement fully and unconditionally.
  • 2. Only legally able individuals of 18 years of age or older are allowed to register. By registering, the Client affirms that he or she is a person of the full legal age.
  • 3. The Client agrees that he or she acts voluntarily.
  • 4. The Client is only allowed to have a single account. Otherwise, the Administration has the full right to block the Client’s data without returning his or her money to the Client.
  • 5. The Client has to choose a login name and a password. It is strictly prohibited to give access to the chosen login name to any third person. The Client him- or herself is responsible for the security of the chosen data.


  • 1. The Service provides anonymity and confidentiality of the Client’s personal information according to the Privacy Policy. The Project Administration guarantees that no information on the Clients of the Service shall be given to any third persons.
  • 2. The Website Administration has the full right to block or delete, at their own discretion, the Client’s account if the Client provides false information or if the Website Administration has any reason to assume that the information provided by the Client is incomplete or unauthentic.
  • 3. No eventual faults in the Website operation shall ever take any effect on the Client’s funds.
  • 4. The Website Administration has the right to cease working with the Client on the following occasions:
    - the Client violates the provisions of this User Agreement or attempts to cause harm to the Service;
    - the Client makes multiple registrations with a single PC or from a single IP address;
    - the Client uses multiple accounts.
  • 5. The service provides a formal legal agreement to open a deposit of more than 5,000 $. This agreement will be automatically offered while creation of deposit.
  • 6. The payments are made to the Client in the same currency as the one used by the Client when opening the deposit.
  • 7. The Website Administration strictly recommends that the Clients only use intricate passwords to prevent their personal information from being stolen. The Service shall not be liable for the loss of the Client’s personal information.


  • 1. The Client has to complete the registration procedure at the Website to be able to use the Service. Creating an account is absolutely free. Every person can use the services provided by the Website, regardless of his or her place of residence, social status or religion.
  • 2. When registering at the Website, the Client has to provide authentic information on his or her personal data.
  • 3. The Client has to keep his or her individual login name and password strictly confidential.
  • 4. It is strictly prohibited to send any spam messages concerning the Service. Once this Clause is breached, the Administration shall have the right to block the Client’s account without returning the Client’s funds to the Client.
  • 5. The Service welcomes the Client’s advertising and information aimed at attracting new users.
  • 6. The Client can distribute his or her partner link by any accessible and convenient means.
  • 7. The Client can demand that the Project observes all the provisions of this User Agreement.
  • 8. The Client has to the right to withdraw the interest that accrues to his or her balance according to the applicable limits, using the same type of electronic currency used when opening the deposit.
  • 9. To open a deposit, the Client has the right to use any convenient electronic currency accepted by the Service.


  • 1. The Client has to clearly realize and accept that there are certain risks in all sorts of investments.
  • 2. Accepting the regulations of the Service, the Client has to realize that any claims addressed to the Administration concerning deception, cheating or violation of the Client’s rights shall be regarded as wittingly false information.